Saturday, February 25, 2006

#19 - Shepherd's Pie Olive Encrusted Pajamas

Zee and Zed, presented to you by CSIS.

Our topics include appealing podcasting voice feedback and correction(s), Olympic commentary including our own commentary, game updates, and NBC commentators, "Ask Lyndon - Boob Tube", Bruce Murray of The Zedcast chimes in on the boob tube and some other unfortunate childhood incidents, "Americanadian Differences - Movie$", "Nina Kimberly the Merciless", "Another Lousy Day", Target adventures (Mindy and Adam!), and hello's.

Shows mentioned include: The Poddog Show, Electric Sky, Viva Podcast, The Big Show, The Zedcast, Christiana Talks About Stuff, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, The Catfish Show, 4th Time Around, Another Lousy Day, and The Oka-Zoo.

Music by Mudhoney ("Fuzzgun '91") and Vic Chesnutt ("Gravity Of The Situation").


Saturday, February 18, 2006

#18 - "You Mofo! That's What I Just Said!"

Zee and Zed...what exactly do you expect from us?

Light on topics, long on content...we discuss Olympic women's and men's hockey, podcasting voices, "Americanadian Differences - School Terminology", British slang, "Ask Lyndon", and viewer mail.

Shows and sites mentioned include Viva Podcast, King Bonk's Campfire Cast, My Marilyn, Toronto's Molar Radio, The Oka-Zoo Show, Kickass Podcast, All Axis Radio: Canada, The Half Show with Me-saj & Jason, Dismay, AndyCast, Geek.Farm.Life, The Zedcast, The CatFish Show, What Do You Do?, 4th Time Around, and Dicks & Janes.

Music by King Bonk (yes, that King Bonk...this is his music website) and 3 Blind Mice.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

#17 -The Juicy Lumpiness Vestcast

Shalom, Zee and Zed listeners. This one doesn't suck like the last two ( least in our opinions).

It's our non-Valentine's day show and among other realizations we discuss Heather Locklear and life lessons we can gather from her and Richie's marriage, North American pronunciation issues, Canadian insults, more slang, shout-outs to Waterloo peeps, "Americanadian Differences - Olympic Coverage" (the Canadian Women's hockey team is off to a fairly good start - first game, Canada=16, Italy=0), "Ask Lyndon", a couple of not-so-fun jobs we've held, Target adventures (we need a mobile recording device), famous snail-mail and e-mail as well as listener feedback, Zee and Zed administrative changes (including new URL, new phone number, and a Frappr map - sign it if you are so inclined).

Shows mentioned include The Redboy Podcast, Canadian Podcast Buffet, Quirky Nomads, The Poddog Show, The CatFishShow, The Zedcast.

Music by Sebadoh and Scud Mountain Boys.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

#16 -There's A Hair In My Blogspot

Another half hour of the Zee and Zed show...hey what do you want for free?

Topics of discussion include: Heather Locklear and her soon-to-be ex-husband, Todd Tyrtle tries to frame me, the people in our neighborhood, Iron Chef (both the original Japanese and the American versions), "Americanadian Differences - Dirty Face", Canadian slang (with thanks to Brad from Alberta), Target adventures, and Happy Birthday Lyndon.

Music by Friends Of Dean Martinez (courtesy of Sup Pop) and Geoff Smith (courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network).

Podcasts mentioned include Toronto's Molar Radio, My Marilyn, and Shelly's Podcast.