Sunday, March 26, 2006

#23 - Dedicated To The One We Love...John G.

War on Elmo's World? Leapin' Lemurs, it's Zee and Zed!

People from Colorado speak to us, we just got back from Calgary, our show is "late" because Karen has a break, Lifetime Movie Channel, Karen cheats on me, "Americanadian Differences - Mr. Dress Up vs. Mr. Rogers", bossy sprockets, and Target.

Shows mentioned include: The Buckey DriveTime, Canadian Podcast Buffet, The Zedcast, King Bonk's CampfireCast, Viva Podcast, Dicks&Janes, The Andycast, and Zaldor's World.

Music by Chixdiggit courtesy of Sub Pop and new music by Calexico.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

#22 - Shining Examples Of Maturity

Zee and Zed loves good coo-koo coo-coo.

Topics include: Breaking the rules, the votes are tallied (bring us your torch), let’s drink!, cookie feedback, South Park is bad but Christianity pays the bills, "Americanadian Differences – Space Needle vs. CN Tower", we're shining examples of maturity, "Ask Lyndon - Cigarettes", and Nina Kimberly.

Sites mentioned include: The AndyCast, The Half Show, Nina Kimberly, Me and The Bean, and Nobodies Podcast.

Music by Chappaquidick Skyline (courtesy of Sub Pop) and the Supersuckers.


Friday, March 10, 2006

#21 - Family of Five with Ringworm

Listen to the sounds of love from Zee and Zed.

Topics discussed include donuts in Afghanistan, almonds, we come clean like the Toxic Twins, exile island podcasting , "Americanadian Differences - Girl Guides vs. Girl Scouts", we have a sponsor, Karen's experiences with the public health facilities, Frappr, "Ask Lyndon - Balderdash", superlistener Dawn Z. has a brilliant plan regarding Mindy and her alleged ring, and our cat Buddah attempts to co-host the show repeatedly.

Shows mentioned include: Quirky Nomads, The CatFish Show, The Mr. Nice Guy Show, Buckeye Drive Time, For What It's Worth, and Nobodies Podcast.

Music by Brenda (a cover of the song "Marie" by the Supersuckers).


Saturday, March 04, 2006

#20 - I Don't Want No Tubs

Greetings and salutions, Freakazoids.

Topics include Titanic/Shepherd’s Pie update, Ross tries to get a Wendy’s employee deported, George Bush - Canadian Minister of Culture, Podcast Liberation, "Americanadian Differences - Radio" (courtesy of our fine listener, Dawn Z.), Target, "Ask Lyndon - Hire vs. Rent" (question courtesy of our fine listener, Brad in Alberta), and maybe some other jibberish as well.

Shows/sites/people we mention include Viva Podcast, Quirky Nomads, Dismay, George W. Bush, The AndyCast, Dicks & Janes, The Poddog Show, 4th Time Around, 3 Blind Mice, Canadian Podcast Buffet, The CatFish Show, What Do You Do?, Another Lousy Day, Manic Mommies, The Redboy Podcast, Two Boobs and a Baby, and The Half Show.

Music by Elliot Smith (courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network) and The Hellacopters (courtsey of Sub Pop).