Saturday, January 28, 2006

#15 - Got Stitch Marks On My Heart

More nonsense from the Zee and Zed show, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Karen almost burned our house down due to insomnia (in fact she was so tired she agreed with George W. Bush), milk cleanup with Canadians from all over the country chiming in with the facts we missed, Mario Lemieux retired from the NHL, as of this writing Karen is in 1st place in our fantasy hockey league, "Americanadian Differences - NHL and Hockey" (can you tell we are reading it?), Target Mindy - (are we stalkers? or just hard up for material?), corrections from our last show and acknowledgements (a.ka. "shoutouts").

Music by Canadian bands Chixdiggit (courtesy of Sup Pop), and Lowest of The Low.

Podcasts mentioned include The Poddog Show, Shelly's Podcast, The Oka-Zoo, dicksnjanes, and 4th Time Around.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

#14 - Hate the Sin Not the Sinner

Another Zee and Zed show and it's a doozy (whatever that means).

Our son is a little stinker (though of course we still love him), Karen is on fire about the upcoming Canadian election (Canadians: vote Liberal or NDP if you must), the Golden Globes, Team Canada "wrestling", "Americanadian Differences - Milk", Target Mindy, and listener feedback.

Music by Grandaddy (from "Excerpts from the Diary of Todzilla" release), and Chixdiggit (courtesy of Sup Pop).

Podcasts and sites mentioned include The Poddog Show, My Marilyn, The Big Show, The Oka-Zoo, Diane S., 4th Time Around, and Viva Podcast.


Friday, January 13, 2006

#13 - Lucky Thirteen

Greetings from your friends of Zee and Zed infamy.

It's a full moon on Friday the 13th, Mark Messier's #11 sweater is retired in New York, Mostly Trivial, Buckeye Drive Time, King Bonk's Campfire Cast, The Redboy Podcast, "4 Years and 1 Hair Later" revisited, Lick's, "Ode to Jenny", "Americanadian Differences - National Anthems", mother's groups, Karen needs a friend, I'm anti-social towards my family, and so much more.

Music by Zee and Zed and Lou Barlow.


Saturday, January 07, 2006

#12 - 4 Years and 1 Hair Later

Greetings from Zee and Zed once again. The show is on a 7 second delay in Canada so don't worry, we won't offend the francophones. Lots of feedback amid Karen's grammatical faux pas upon faux pas, an obnoxiously long and exhaustive "Americanadian Differences - One Dollar", and Puerto Rico.

Also dining memories including hair, raw meat, phlegm, snot, and a recycled lunch less one cornbread muffin. Have it your way...but not at Red Robin or T.G.I. Friday's.

Please check out the My Trivia Podcast and 3 Blind Mice websites.

Music by Nova Express, Calexico, and Lambchop.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bonus Promo Show

Zee and Zed present to you some podcasts that are among our favorites (you can't pry Kuma from my iPod). You didn't ask for it but you're getting it anyway. Give each of these shows a chance, even if it's just one show a week. They're bound to change your life or at least fill an hour of your day with quality entertainment. Tell 'em Zee and Zed sent you...

The Mr. Nice Guy Show
My Trivia Podcast
Mostly Trivial
Viva Podcast
Jawbone Radio
4th Time Around
The Big Show
Toronto’s Molar Radio
The Poddog Show
The Nodcast
Verge of the Fringe
My Marilyn
Quirky Nomads
Shelley’s Podcast
Podcast Outlaws
Canadian Podcast Buffet

Music by Man or Astro-Man?

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for episode #12 when we resume our regular schedule of programming this weekend (Saturday, January 7, 2006).

-Ross and Karen