Saturday, December 31, 2005

#11 - Frog Legs and Freedom Fries

Another gem from your friends at Zee and Zed, it could very well be our best or very worst show yet (you be the judge).

Our informative discussion includes muses on Newfoundland, the end of the holiday season is finally here and we are exhausted from it, Hooters wings, "Americandian Differences - Bloody Mary vs. Bloody Caesar", damage control, welcome breast lovers, our upcoming bonus episode, and New Year's irresolutions.

Please visit Diane S., Mr. Nice Guy, and Quirky Nomads.

Music by Vic Chesnutt and Frank Black Francis (courtesy of spinART Records).


Thursday, December 22, 2005

#10 - Double Double

This show is solid gold. We discuss the Big Show, Poddog, Buckeye Drive Time, I establish I can't speak on Zee and Zed with proper grammar, our promo got played...on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code of all places, Karen DOESN'T have cancer and receives a weenie and a hat, criteria for Ross for finding a new spouse if Karen buys the farm, "Americanadian Differences - Donuts", Canada bashing by the brilliant Tucker Carlson, our holiday plans, and computers are stupid but they still allow us to play you one of our all-time favorite songs....what a mess.

Music by Electric Frankenstein courtesy of Magnatune, The LeeVees, and the incredible 1980's line-up of Dinosaur Jr.

Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

#9 - Mila, Caroline, and Me

We clarify that Caillou is nothing but trouble, discuss such topics as 4th Time Around, fake midwestern accents, listen to a message from the brilliant and polite Schmee of The Nodcast, and wax about Canadian swearing via Toronto's Molar Radio.

Also of mention: the upcoming Canadian election, Karen's family is full of commies (, generous Mike Harris, our Christmas shopping is done, Christmas CD suggestions, 70's gentlemen (a.k.a. Robert Reed), "Americanadian Differences - December 26", a bonus "Americanadian Difference - Booze", our doomed Charlie Brown Christmas tree, and FREE CATS.

Music by Brad Sucks courtesy of Magnatune, Supersuckers, and Rheostatics.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

#8 - Dump The Cup

Elocution at it's finest!

Topics include: a box of wine; listener feedback from among others Shelly of Shelly's Podcast, Les of Zaldor's World, Aaron and Jenny of The Big Show, and Garrick of First Crack Podcast; music on our show; Christmas card tally; bleeding heart liberals; Ross' dad's feelings about George Bush; "Americanadian Differences - Geography, etc."; Target vs. Walmart - who will win?

Music by Grandaddy, Jackalopes (courtesy of Magnatune), and Lou Barlow.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

#7 - Burning Bridges

4 hours of recording and Bob's your uncle - episode #7 is here. Our first month of podcasting is done and the results are in: fame is in our future. Plus, we find the limits of our amateur status.

We discuss holiday shopping (Christmas and Hannukah/Channukah), Get a Life, e-bay, cussing, "Americanadian Differences - Same Sex Marriage", Target Adam (Target Napoleon Dynamite?), DSC (the Enquirer of podcasting?), contact lenses, The NodCast and hope for teenagers all around. Please say "no" to corporate podcasting, and old-school country music is cool but I forgot to mention Dave Dudley, Red Sovine, Red Simpson, and so many others on the show. Oh, and by chance we mention Viva Podcast again.

Music from The Glenrustles (see also Ol' Yeller) and Bad Religion.