Sunday, July 23, 2006

#39 - He's Gonna Get The Stinkeye For That

Hello there, Diesels and's Zee and Zed!

Thanks to Will from Smart Bomb Radio for the show introduction. Topics discussed include: our son, an enormous three foot wide head, Karen goes to the zoo, did Dave blow-off Karen again at the Opera House, "Americanadian Differences - Sault Ste. Marie vs. Sault Ste. Marie", Target, and "Ask Lyndon - Fishing".

Sites mentioned include: Smart Bomb Radio, Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, Digital Detroit Radio, Two Boobs and A Baby, All Axis Radio: Canada, Dawnzzle, Wall of Brown, 3 Blind Mice, and our beloved Viva Podcast.

Music by Sebadoh and King Bonk.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

#38 - Crappy Hanson, 3 Brothers, A Band, MMMBop

Hello you, Zee and Zed listener(s).

Thanks to the super cute and super cool Trent of the T-Rent Show for introducing today's show. Listen in as we talk to you about such things as how amateur we are, bun clean-up, Karen needs to fake her own death, our son got his cast off, we're in hell - it's hot, Bob the Builder [pictured: not our family] is our new buddy, King Bonk is the King of Prussia, "Americanadian Differences - Hanson vs. The Hanson Brothers", growing up is lame, "Ask Lyndon - Quid", please feel free to leave us an Odeo message, and Target.

Shows and sites mentioned during the course of this podcast include: Zaldor's World, Israelisms, Two Boobs and A Baby, Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, The Redboy Podcast, Smart Bomb Radio, Candid Radio, Digital Detroit Radio, and Digital Detroit Radio2.

Music by Geoff Smith (buy his music at the Podsafe Music Network) and King Bonk.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

#37 - Like We're Going To Bring The Cheap Buns?

Welcome again to Zee and Zed...yes, Zee and Zed.

Thanks to Baby, Misty, Andrew, and Misty from Geek.Farm.Life for the revealing introduction. Topics on the show include lip-syncing with Karen, the oldest joke in podcasting, cast update (and we're not talking pod"cast"), imaginary friends, Steve is happier than we thought, Matt's making stuff up, our 4th of July, buns, what's the deal with polygamists?, "Americanadian Differences - Musical Icons born on February 9: Ernest Tubb vs. Stompin' Tom Connors", "Ask Lyndon - Accents", you can now send us a comment via Odeo, Target, and how we met.

Shows and sites mentioned include: Dawnzzle, Cheap Date, Smart Bomb Radio, Quirky Nomads, Digital Detroit Radio, Nobodies, Zaldor's World, and The AndyCast.

Music by the Fastbacks (courtesy of Sub Pop) and King Bonk.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

#36 - Janky-The Big American Doctor Is Canadian

We're back and gosh darn it, we missed you!

Please join us (with much thanks to our friends Geoff and Devon of On Hold for the holiday greetings) for this edition of Zee and Zed when we discuss such irrelevant topics as Americanada Day, my calves, our return from Ontario, name dropping, rental car safety seats, our son's accident and how much of a trooper he is, Podcasters Across Borders (check the website out), Canadian doctors, 80's love songs, "Americanadian Differences - Canada Day vs. Independence Day", Target, "Ask Lyndon - Mustard", and an awkward goodbye.

Shows and sites mentioned include (geez, check out this list): On Hold, Dicks&Janes, Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, Quirky Nomads, Digital Detroit Radio, Canadian Podcast Buffet, CatFish Show, Bob and AJ Show, Electric Sky, The AndyCast, Geek Farm Life, Beyond Science, Spaceship Radio, Two Boobs and A Baby, My Marilyn, Check This Out!, Sounds Like Canada: The Digital Extra, The Ottawa Local Podcast, JamesPod, Wicked Good Podcast, Cheap Date, The Mr. Nice Guy Show, Todbits, Barry from Barrie, Broca's Area, EMS Live, In Over Your Head, Jay Ingram's Theatre of the Mind, Jim Dupree: Enthusiast, LibriVox, The Oka Zoo, The Toronto Indie Scene and The Zedcast.

Music by Descendents and King Bonk.