Friday, June 16, 2006

#35 - Hooters Tug Of War

Greetings Oprah and Dr. Phil fans, it's Zee and Zed time again.

Thanks to Steve and Dawn of For What It’s Worth and Digital Dan of The Hook Show for the introductions (sorry for the latency). Our recorded discussion this week includes such topics as our lack of details, feedback from our show with Aaron of The Big Show, more anal gland expression and a feline butt-shave, we don't talk about books, the Hooters Tug of War with Jeremy Roenick, the Edmonton Oilers are going to win the Stanley Cup while we're on a plane, we're going on a vacation and meeting new people, "Americanadian Differences - Childhood Sayings", don't Ask Lyndon but buy his band's music please through the 3 Blind Mice website or at CD Baby, Target, and black shirts with white sleeves. Oh...and no show next week due to vacation.

Shows and sites mentioned include: The Big Show, Quirky Nomads, The AndyCast, Dicks&Janes, Toronto's Molar Radio, Eh! To Zed, Dawnzzle, Track This Bill, Chub Creek, and The Love Long and Prosper Podcast.

Music by Ol' Yeller and King Bonk.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

#34 - Meatrock with Aaron Bates of The Big Show

Welcome Zee and Zed users. We are pleased to have Aaron Bates from the Big Show join us in the Zee and Zed studio. Jenny was with us in spirit.

This show is obviously a little different than your typical Zee and Zed show. On it we discuss such things as Aaron's formative years, Aaron's fear of leaving our basement, feline anal gland expression, Aaron bonds with our son, Aaron eats off the kid's menu, Flameburger, Taylor Hicks: Go Away!, the Edmonton Oilers, Target, Karen is quite the chanteuse, missing Jenny, "Americanadian Differences - Canadian or American", Toronto is the centre of the universe, "Ask Lyndon - Clothes", the city of Victoria in British Columbia, Aaron gets fired, the airlines are $#%*!, Ross and Karen finally watch the Sopranos most recent season, flying into Minneapolis, no peanuts please, Aaron doesn't puke on our show, Brad from Alberta, and we love our listeners but sometimes forget to mention them on our shows.

Shows and sites mentioned include: The Big Show, Shane and Tom's Squeezebox, What Do You Do?, Shelly's Podcast, The Poddog Show, and the Bob and A.J Show.

Music by Plexi (courtesy of Sub Pop) and King Bonk.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

#33 - Video Killed The Radio Star

Hey hey hey, Zee and Zed listeners.

Thanks to Roger from Deranged Moose for the funny introduction and great podcast he puts out. This week's topics of discussion include: poor man's fireworks, recording on our luxury yacht, big news for next week's show, The Who and Hall and Oates, Podcasters Across Borders (against, inverted, aboard, etc.), putting faces to voices, we're getting a piano, my parents are persistent, our food scrapbook, "Americanadian Differences - MTV vs MuchMusic", Bands On The Run, spead-reading with Karen, passing notes, and yes, Karen knows it's Daniel Richler.

Shows and sites mentioned include: Deranged Moose, The Big Show, Dicks&Janes, Electric Sky, Dawnzzle, Zaldor's World, and Israelisms.

Music by Velocity Girl (courtesy of Sub Pop) and Andy from The AndyCast.