Sunday, May 28, 2006

#32 - Pass the Preparation Zee and Zed

Shalom again, Zee and Zed listeners.

Thanks to Shane and Tom of Shane and Tom's Squeezebox for the touchingly beautiful introduction. Topics we kibbitz include exhaustion, the Edmonton Oilers and more specifically Dwayne Roloson, our garden, my parent's pull an "Everybody Loves Raymond", Karen doesn't like kugel but she makes a mean brisket, May sweeps month continues, "Americanadian Differences - Victoria Day vs. Memorial Day", "Ask Lyndon - Aliens", Target, and a whole lot of nothing.

Shows and sites mentioned include: Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, Dicks&Janes, Chub Creek, Quirky Nomads The CatFish Show, The Nodcast, Digital Detroit Radio, and Check This Out!.

Music by Geoff Smith (buy his CD at CD Baby) and King Bonk.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

#31 - Throw Mama from the Train...Wreck Show

Greetings smokers and non-smokers alike. It's time for yet another exciting update from the Zee and Zed fortified compound.

Nanny's still in the house as we discuss such topics as: Smartie Rocket cleanup (thanks Alan and Lori), Granny's Grunt, illegal alien two-ball playing squirrels, "Ask Karen's Mom", May sweeps month continues, we have an idea what happened to our stolen welcome mat, "Americanadian Differences - Eh vs. Huh", "Ask Lyndon - Are We There Yet", we play solitaire (aka charades), we state our pain constantly, and we scare off Nanny?!?

Shows and sites mentioned include: Two Boobs and a Baby, Naughtius Maximus, Cheap Date, The Redboy Podcast, Deranged Moose, Dismay, Dawnzzle, Zaldor's World, Dicks&Janes, The Poddog Show, Digital Detroit Radio, Day Photo, and Mrs. B's Patriot World.

Music by Ol' Yeller and King Bonk.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

#30 - You're Not Bitchy...Go Have Another Smoke

Happy Mother's Day mom's from Zee and Zed (and Nanny Zed).

Topics discussed include welcome to our guest, the new anti-smoking pill, Karen's retraction, the unique automobile discussion continues (see below and also see this car that isn't the one I mention but quite similiar), Susan's reaction to podcasting and a few podcasts she has enjoyed (as well as an alarming relevation regarding a podcaster's voice), "Americanadian Differences - Smarties vs. Smarties", "Ask Lyndon - Hash", Target, and a touching number by Susan. Also, hats of to Ajay of All Axis Radio, he's a generous man.

Shows and sites mentioned include:All Axis Radio: Canada, The Big Show, Quirky Outtakes, Two Boobs and a Baby, Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, Scribbles from L.A., Dicks&Janes, 5 Mac Tips, The Bob and A.J. Show, and The Poddog Show.

Music by Supersuckers and King Bonk.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

#29 - NOFX Cinco de Mayo Anniversary (Seinfeld)

Holy Crap! It's the first one-take show from Zee and Zed since January 21, 2006.

Thanks to Kelli and Jason of the Nobodies for the fantastic introduction, we love it. Our topics of discussion on this show include Spring/Summer schedule revision, cut and paste at the Toronto Sun and their Sunshine Girls, we're going to start watching television to catch up with the cool kids, the rubber band duel challenge has a new development, Potty Mouth Leap dancing, we're destined for humiliation, May is sweeps month and it's on, Karen's mom will arrive very shortly, someone stole our welcome mat (why?), don't buy a home, don't smoke kids, my face got chewed off by our cat, "Americanadian Differences - Car Insurance", "Ask Lyndon - Knives", send in a question for Karen's mom, and go Edmonton Oilers!

Shows and blogs mentioned include: Nobodies, Viva Podcast, Dicks&Janes, Shane and Tom's Squeeze Box, Cheap Date, Bob and A.J. Show, The Poddog Show, Cult of the UHF, What Do You Do?, and The Redboy Podcast.

Music by NOFX and King Bonk.