Saturday, May 20, 2006

#31 - Throw Mama from the Train...Wreck Show

Greetings smokers and non-smokers alike. It's time for yet another exciting update from the Zee and Zed fortified compound.

Nanny's still in the house as we discuss such topics as: Smartie Rocket cleanup (thanks Alan and Lori), Granny's Grunt, illegal alien two-ball playing squirrels, "Ask Karen's Mom", May sweeps month continues, we have an idea what happened to our stolen welcome mat, "Americanadian Differences - Eh vs. Huh", "Ask Lyndon - Are We There Yet", we play solitaire (aka charades), we state our pain constantly, and we scare off Nanny?!?

Shows and sites mentioned include: Two Boobs and a Baby, Naughtius Maximus, Cheap Date, The Redboy Podcast, Deranged Moose, Dismay, Dawnzzle, Zaldor's World, Dicks&Janes, The Poddog Show, Digital Detroit Radio, Day Photo, and Mrs. B's Patriot World.

Music by Ol' Yeller and King Bonk.



  • No discussion of hockey?
    Is Susan terminally shy?

    By Blogger etherdog, at 9:24 AM  

  • Karen, Ross, you are SO hard on yourselves! Kelli and I do the same crap, usually after each show. It goes like this: Kelli says "This show sucked." I say, "It wasn't that bad, you say it every show." Kelli whines some more about how much it sucked, and I assuage her by reminding her that not every show can be the best one, and it goes from there. :)
    I like listening to you guys, and the plus to this one was that there was no hockey talk! :D

    Jason from Nobodies

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:56 PM  

  • Ha, Jason that's so funny, because I always think that you and Kelli are too hard on yourselves. Your show always makes me laugh!


    By Blogger Zee And Zed, at 7:04 PM  

  • I agree, you're too hard on yourselves!

    And yup, it was about time, wasn't it...

    By Blogger Nic, at 7:25 PM  

  • Hey Guys,

    I think it was your Mom holding you back...yeah...let's blame the seniors for everything!

    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 7:27 AM  

  • The Nico seal of approval? that's the big time! :)

    Nico, you should make an 'approved by me' logo ;) x

    By Blogger diane s, at 9:17 AM  

  • Hey, Bestest Friends!

    Can't wait to see you at the conference. Really looking forward to all of the Clash talk. (:


    By Anonymous Matt, at 9:10 PM  

  • Nico...we're just teasing you of course, but like Diane said, the Nico seal of approval is big time and worth more than iTunes or any other ranking ;)

    Andy...who you calling a senior? Not my mother I hope!

    Matt...isn't there a "Rare Clash Recordings" show booked that same weekend, in the same hotel as the conference?

    By Blogger Zee And Zed, at 7:12 AM  

  • Yes karen...I am...what about it...PUNK!


    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 12:07 PM  

  • Oooo... Andy done gone and brought it.

    By Blogger Dawn Z(ed), at 12:16 PM  

  • Oh yeah...bring it ON!

    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 8:11 PM  

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