Saturday, February 25, 2006

#19 - Shepherd's Pie Olive Encrusted Pajamas

Zee and Zed, presented to you by CSIS.

Our topics include appealing podcasting voice feedback and correction(s), Olympic commentary including our own commentary, game updates, and NBC commentators, "Ask Lyndon - Boob Tube", Bruce Murray of The Zedcast chimes in on the boob tube and some other unfortunate childhood incidents, "Americanadian Differences - Movie$", "Nina Kimberly the Merciless", "Another Lousy Day", Target adventures (Mindy and Adam!), and hello's.

Shows mentioned include: The Poddog Show, Electric Sky, Viva Podcast, The Big Show, The Zedcast, Christiana Talks About Stuff, Nina Kimberly the Merciless, The Catfish Show, 4th Time Around, Another Lousy Day, and The Oka-Zoo.

Music by Mudhoney ("Fuzzgun '91") and Vic Chesnutt ("Gravity Of The Situation").



  • Kudos to the Swedish Men's Ice Hockey Team for winning the Gold Medal at the Olympics. They brought their "A" game today and managed to outlast Finland. The Finns were the most exciting team to watch throughout the Olympics and it is fitting that Antero NIITTYMAKI won MVP for the tournement.

    BTW, what is YOUR recipe for Shepherd's Pie?

    By Blogger etherdog, at 9:29 AM  

  • Awesome! Shepard's pie! I introduced it to my Chinense in-laws here one time and they loved it. In fact, I've discovered that they now love anything with mashed potatos.

    Another good show you two.

    BTW: I found these links for you two while planning for a lesson. You may find them interesting.

    By Anonymous Dismay, at 12:18 AM  

  • Neither Sage nor I could stand Titanic. We saw it in the theatre when it first came out because at the time we were reading a lot about the disaster and wanted to see some good effects. The movie was insipid. We had more sympathy for an old couple they showed for 5 seconds on screen dying together as the ship sank than Rose and Jack and left the theatre once the big budget effects were over.

    That said, I think it was probably James Cameron's fault that Leonardo DiCaprio (and well every other actor, I suppose) did so terribly. A few years later we saw him in The Beach, a movie you absolutely must see. I'd put it in our top five favourite movies list for sure.

    By Anonymous Todd Tyrtle, at 2:29 AM  

  • I enjoyed Titanic, whilst not ever wanting to watch it again or considering it in any way a good movie lol...sometimes I like escapism.
    I thought The Beach was so-so, but gorgeous scenery. Leonardo is capable of great acting though, as a kid he was incredibly good, IMHO xx

    By Blogger diane s, at 5:05 AM  

  • oh, and i loved Bruce's message- how could you have omitted him, Karen? he has a very smooth voice IMO. Bruce, you're the vest. ;)

    it's only little kids who do PE in their underwear, I should add- and I'm not sure if they do that anymore, but we did when I was about 5-7 yrs old.

    oh, and "weskit" might be the proper pronunciation, but I've never said it like that! lol xxx

    By Blogger diane s, at 5:56 AM  

  • last comment! I'm going to be doing Another Lousy Day, too- look forward to hearing yours Karen xx

    By Blogger diane s, at 5:57 AM  

  • Great show you guys....There were many time that I "Laughed 'Til I Stopped"!

    I am outraged at the @#$@#$@# NBC commentator regarding the Canadian women's hockey win being hollow... typical American superiority complex...I've seen this SO many times growing up about 30 minutes from Buffalo and the worst hockey commentators EVER ...for the Sabres...Ted Darling... I hate that freakin' guy.

    Sorry for the rant but that's been a thorn in my side since I was a kid.

    But I am very proud to be a Canadian after the outstanding performance of all the Canadian athletes. I read (On the CBC site) that there were a number of 4ths and 5ths that save for a few 1000th of a second, could have been bronze, Canada could have beat the US in total medal count. Wouldn't that blow a lot of American minds, eh?

    We should all make plans to be in Vancouver in 2010, to watch Canada kick international ass to "Own the Podium"!

    Glad to hear you all are feeling better...


    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 9:33 AM  

  • I thought Titanic was pretty good, actually. It's not freaking Rosebud, it's just a diversion.

    Another great show, guys.

    And don't make me come up there and be "gentle." :-)

    By Blogger jtl, at 8:35 PM  

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