Saturday, February 11, 2006

#17 -The Juicy Lumpiness Vestcast

Shalom, Zee and Zed listeners. This one doesn't suck like the last two ( least in our opinions).

It's our non-Valentine's day show and among other realizations we discuss Heather Locklear and life lessons we can gather from her and Richie's marriage, North American pronunciation issues, Canadian insults, more slang, shout-outs to Waterloo peeps, "Americanadian Differences - Olympic Coverage" (the Canadian Women's hockey team is off to a fairly good start - first game, Canada=16, Italy=0), "Ask Lyndon", a couple of not-so-fun jobs we've held, Target adventures (we need a mobile recording device), famous snail-mail and e-mail as well as listener feedback, Zee and Zed administrative changes (including new URL, new phone number, and a Frappr map - sign it if you are so inclined).

Shows mentioned include The Redboy Podcast, Canadian Podcast Buffet, Quirky Nomads, The Poddog Show, The CatFishShow, The Zedcast.

Music by Sebadoh and Scud Mountain Boys.



  • Juicy lumpiness makes me think of bubble tea (which is not a good thing in my book). What a bizarre metaphor.

    You guys totally answered my asphalt question as I expected. Is the "ashfault" pronunciation an Ontario thing or is it more widespread, I wonder. Until I got here I'd always heard it pronounced as if it were a problem you'd have to spend a little more time at the gym to correct.

    By Anonymous Todd Tyrtle, at 11:17 AM  

  • I didn't think your last 2 shows were that bad so no apology needed. I really enjoy your show and I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in person when The Big Show midwest jamboree rolls into Minneapolis. Drop me a line with your phone number again, I'd like to call you and record a dead or alive segment w/you. One last note, thank you for all of your support while we're going through the invitro process, it really meant a lot to Jenny to get so much support from everyone out there including the fine crew of Zee and Zed.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 10:09 PM  

  • Canada defers to the English (ie. correct) pronunciation on asphalt as on many other words... :)

    In England we do not have milk bags however. We DO have terrible bosses though- I worked in a cafe when I was 19, during the summer. (This was before minimum wage was introduced in the UK, and I got £2.75, which is crappy.) My boss' favourite saying was, "If you're talking, you're not working". Then he'd leave us at the busiest time and go to the wine bar down the street for half the afternoon...

    By Blogger diane s, at 2:36 AM  


    By Anonymous brad in aberta, at 8:35 AM  

  • Hey, guys, good show! Way to go! You gotta get the lowdown on Target Mindy, though. Be the Podcast Paparrazi!

    I like the shorter guest intro.

    At least NBC have been showing more events that don't feature the US competitors on their other cable channels, USA, CNBC and MSNBC. That is a big improvement over past Olympics. The Women's Ice Hockey has been pretty interesting. Great improvement in play over 4 years ago. Even the teams that got shellacked showed that they could pass well, move the puck, and defend agressively (at times). They just need to work a little harder at controlling the puck in their own zone and make sure they control the puck and clear it instead of turning it over in their own end. I don't like it that contact is so limited; of course there shouldn't be contact if you don't have the puck, but a puck carrier should be open to a body check. And hey, who DOESN'T want to see girls fight, eh?

    I enjoyed Bruce Murray's comments and definitely would like to here her views on the softwood issue--if she would deign to share her political views.

    Pedantically yours,

    By Blogger etherdog, at 11:44 AM  

  • Thanks all for the compliments.

    John, I just got back from the gym where I was working on my asphalt. They were playing Finland vs. Switzerland in women's hockey on the tv there. I couldn't watch it but I saw hockey on the screen and checked in to see who was on. Imagine my surprise when the jingoism of American teams wasn't overshadowing the spirit of the games on US television. Then again, they're really just showing hockey because they need to figure out who the US and Canada will beat before they play each other for gold medals...


    By Blogger Zee And Zed, at 12:02 PM  

  • Hey, Ross, I'll see YOU at center ice and we can drop the gloves! :-)

    As I said, NBC is doing a better job this year with the Olympic coverage, showing on their other cable channels events in which the US is not participating and they have toned down the jingoistic rhetoric, although I have heard some commentators utter nationalistic statements. Kudos to Karen for reading the statement of the IOC President about the spirit of the games. I just wish the broadcasters would adopt it.

    US Player Angela Ruggiero has a blog site if anyone is interested. It is kinda lite, but I don't know any other women's player who has one.

    Check ya later!

    By Blogger etherdog, at 3:29 PM  

  • re pockets, they are sewn closed to prevent stuff from falling in or ass **** from putting stuff in them while on display. Usually done in higher quality items. Guess you didn't buy the jacket at target.

    By Blogger Daryl N Cognito, at 8:51 PM  

  • I think we should all show our solidarity and get Podcaster Vests. I'm all about reaching a stage of juicy lumpiness. Eeegh. :-)

    By Blogger jtl, at 9:06 AM  

  • ps: did you mean a vest or a waistcoat? there could be some cross-pond confusion there, but you guys should definitely get them! :)

    By Blogger diane s, at 10:05 AM  

  • Yes, the Canadians are accounting themselves well at the Olympics.

    I'm considered quite an oddball because I've always loved Curling, although there's no ice in Texas on which to play.

    The Canadian women beat the living crap out of the American women in curling, and I was disappointed to see that (and the poor performance of the USA team.)

    By Anonymous Bear, at 7:33 AM  

  • I think NBC is doing a fantastic job of covering ALL the Olympics. When CBS covered the Sydney Olympics it was appauling. The US TV audience only saw the stuff that the American athletes were doing well at. The CBC on the other hand has always carried ALL the Olympics...I think since Canada sucks at just about everything, it would be a very short program to cover all the Canadian wins. Now before Canadians get all bent out of shape, I'm a Canadian and we all know how poorly funded our atheletes's no wonder they don't win more medals...I am so proud of athletes that do win because I know how hard and how much they've had to go through to even just get on the plane to Italy.

    So kick ass in hockey's our RIGHT as Canadians to run up the do otherwise wouldn't be Canadian!

    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 11:11 AM  

  • Wow...have I frightened everyone...please don't be... I'm really a nice guy...honest...

    By Blogger Andy Bilodeau, at 8:30 PM  

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